Amanda Jane Succi

Amanda Jane SucciAmanda Jane Succi. Born in London in 1965 has a degree in Economics obtained at Catania’s University. After studying public relations in London, in 1995 founded “AJS Connection” a public relations company which operates in Italy. Her main professional experience is in corporate communication, public affairs, internal communication, marketing communication, event management. She is also occupied in the organization of post graduate masters and specialised coursed in the field of public relations. She is the current Global Alliance Secretary.
Teaches “Public Relations Techniques” at Catania’s University for the degree course in Public Relations and Communication. Also teaches in several courses in public relations and business communication organised by private and public companies.
Founder President of CERRPMED – Study and Research Centre on Public Relations in the Mediterranean Area, she also organised MedCom 2009, First Inter-Mediterranean Symposium on Public Relations, which took place on 13-14 November 2009 at Catania.

Speaker at many conferences regarding communication subjects. Writes for magazine Ferpi.

Member of FERPI - Italian Federation of Public Relations, for which is part of the national board and also delegate for the region of Sicily. Member of CIPR (MCIPR) Member of EUPRERA


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Co- author, Comunicare le professioni, Edited by Spazio RP, 2008.

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